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Praise for Ivanka Mincheva












"I have long admired Ivanka Mincheva's work. Her hauntingly poetic and beautifully modeled medals make a deep and resonant impact on those who are lucky enough to see or, better still, handle them. I know a few artists better able to demonstrate that small scale work can be monumental in achievement and universal in audience."

Sir Mark Jones
Director of the Victoria & Albert Museum, London


"In my mind, Ivanka Mincheva's unique artistry represents the best in Medallic Art. She has the combination that few artists have to this extent. Her mystical and spiritual vision combined with a superb technical skill. There is no obvious message in her art, yet we feel a universal relevance there. I think she is one of the most important additions to the American Medallic Art."

Marika Somogyi


"Ivanka Mincheva's small sculpture penetrates the depths of our consciousness with hauntingly alluring images that conjure our deepest emotions. She captures our feelings of joy, isolation, fear, love, and spirituality that awaken the mind and nourish the soul. As an immigrant herself, Mincheva has captured the very essence of what it means to be "American". Her medals not only define the American experience, they define the human experience."

Donald Scarinci
Member of the US Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee


"Ivanka Mincheva's medals allow us to enter another, more magical world. The medal collection of The British Museum includes six works by Mincheva, the earliest dating to 1982, and many more appeared in the pages of “The Medal”. In 1988, the British Art Medal Society invited Mincheva to be the guest artist at its weekend conference in Cirencester and at the same time, commissioned a medal. The melancholy and beautiful "The Cruel Ocean", inspired by lines from a poem by John Gay, was issued in 1989.
Twenty years on, her medals continue to beguile and enchant."

Philip Attwood
Curator of Medals, The British Museum


"The metaphysical qualities and power of her imagery are of acute relevance for the present position of the art of the medal... On the one hand there is a reminder that medals can be very much in the mainstream of art, while on the other, Mincheva points to a new way ahead."

Terence Mullaly
British Art Historian


"Ivanka Mincheva is an artist with a specific style and explicit individuality in the interpretation of her surroundings. She is one of several Bulgarian artists, who initiated modern Bulgarian Medallic sculpture at the end of the 20th Century."

Prof. Bogomil Nikolov
Medallic Sculpture Studio,
National Academy of Arts, Sofia


"In distance muffing sounds of:
Hissing, blowing and breathing wind
Twittering and chirping birds
Leaves are rustling in the breeze
Dancing steps with wind instruments on the dirt
Squeaking and wing flapping of creatures
Giggle and laughing children
She draws us magically in to her mysterious poetic world.
The world we can float freely, wondering into the air, meditate, and disappear into a mist."

Founder and Director
Medialia...Rack and Hamper Gallery, New York


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