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Ivanka Mincheva at her retrospective show in Hampton, VA, 2010.
Ivanka Mincheva at the opening ceremony of her restrospective show
"My Incredible Journey" at the Blue Skies Gallery in Hampton, VA
October 2010.


  • 2010 - Restrospective show "My Incredible Journey" at the Blue Skies Art Gallery in Hampton, VA.

  • 2010 - Joint exhibition of Ivanka Mincheva, Theodosi Antonov and Nencho Rusev at the Art Center FORUM, Sofia, Bulgaria.

  • 2006 - One Man Show in the Charles H. Taylor Arts Center, Hampton, VA.

  • 2002 - One Man Show in This Century Gallery in Williamsburg, VA.

  • 2001 - One Man Show at the "Blue Skies Gallery" in Hampton, VA.

  • 1998 - One Man Show in Williamsburg, VA.

  • 1994-2006 - Juried Exhibitions and Shows in museums and galleries in Hampton, Norfolk, Newport News, Portsmouth, Williamsburg, Suffolk, etc.

  • 1995 - Joint Show in 20th Century Gallery, Williamsburg, VA.

  • 1993 - One Man Show in "The Mall" Art Gallery on Trafalgar Square by Invitation from the Royal Art Academy, London.

  • 1986 - Joint Exhibition of Medals with Bogomil Nikolov and Theodosi Antonov in Sofia, Bulgaria.

  • 1984 - One Man Show in Popovo, Bulgaria.

  • 1984 - One Man Show in Shumen, Bulgaria.

  • 1983 - First One Man Show with medals and plaquettes in Sofia, Bulgaria.

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